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  1. No charges have been filed.. But no she came back to stay while he is in jail and I have now found that she is pending meth charges.. When i searched his stuff i found a chime debit card and tried to save it on google but i didnt think it saved. I didnt know what card it was on my account cause i have a few. Then i charged 1.50 on the card..
  2. Me and the wife hit hard times she started smoking meth. I had cheated.. Long story short we seperated and she found a bf. He had a warrant and went to jail.. she came home while that is going on. So my Wifes bf is in jail.. She Stores his stuff at our house... I search it find stuff of mine and his wallet. Is it wrong of me or illegal to search it? I check the card on google pay to see if its active and Accidently charge less than $2.00 What would this classify as or be treated as in a court of law for indiana?
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