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  1. I should have refused to drive. I was in no condition to be behind the wheel. You obviously don’t suffer from severe migraines. I wasn’t thinking clearly and should have done what adjusterjack suggested and request paramedics. Absolutely insane that a police officer would tell me to drive. Had I never pulled over and continued to drive I could of gotten wreckless driving ticket, driving while under influence, or worse...injured another driver. I will chalk it up to lesson learned.
  2. @cbgI’m sorry, sleep off migraine? You must be blessed and have never experienced a migraine. What should I have done different? Sudden onset of excruciating pain, eyesight became so blurry I could barely see where to pull over, on a dark highway I had never been on. It was impossible for me to continue driving. Had I tried I could of crashed and killed myself others. Had I taken my meds while driving I could of crashed...or by taking or not taking meds—my driving most likely would have been erratic and those same police officers would of pulled me over for being under influence..or wreak less driving. I was under the impression police officers are supposed to protect us NOT look for or create ways for the city to profit off of us. Also I was very clear to all of the officers that I felt I was unable to drive and I took my medicine which clearly states it will impair operation of vehicle. I was extremely lucky that I was able to make it to the rest stop without hurting myself or someone else. If you were driving on that same road that night...would you want me driving next to you? Would you feel safe with someone pretty much half blind at that point -driving car next to u?
  3. I would suggest going to the the HOA meetings, you can get the residents together and threaten to vote to get a new management for your HOA if the current one refuses to do anything. I’ve seen management company’s removed for less negligence then what you are stating. This man trespassing into neighbors property, not allowing Gardner’s or workers to their job does effect common areas. It seems like you are just getting the brush off from someone who either is overloaded with work or doesn’t know how to do their job.
  4. Yes Sir, 2014. I was in Texas working my new job, I called the courts before my court date in AZ and tried explaining to the clerk I couldn’t go back to AZ for court and wrote a declaration and sent it to the court as well. Didn’t hear anything back about it and didn’t stay on top of it. Just didn’t seem right for them to have me drive when I said I was medicated and couldn’t see well. Then 2 other police offices within exits pull me over and ticket me.both asked if I was under the influence and stated they could arrest me. But that they were letting me off easy with ticket—I didn’t want to be behind the wheel in the first place. I wrongly assumed the judge tossed it out when I didn’t hear anything back. Thank you for the information
  5. I’m not the type of person to fight tickets when I’m wrong. I just pay it and move forward. That’s not the situation here.
  6. I honestly don’t know if I was speeding. I explained to the officer that I was under medication and when my migraines get that bad I can barely see. I told him I didn’t feel ok to drive to the rest stop. It was in the middle of the night and I had never driven that road before
  7. I’m not an attorney, but I’m confused as to why the HOA and or you and your neighbors can’t get a restraining/protective order? His parents can get a restraining order as well as start the eviction process. Without starting there it just sounds like a lot of gossip and an irritated neighbor with a personal beef against this guy. I don’t know any parent that would allow what you are saying to continue to go on. Also if you have an HOA then you are making a sizable amount of monthly payments to a company that really should be handling this situation if it is affecting the neighbors like you say it is. No offense but it sounds personal.
  8. 2014 I drove (moved) from California to Texas. While driving thru AZ I suddenly got a bad Migraine and had difficulty seeing. I pulled over in gas station, parked, took keys out of ignition, took migraine medicine and went to sleep in back seat of car. At some point an AZ officer tapped on my window and asked for all my info (I complied) and asked what I was doing. I told him I had a sudden Migraine and couldn’t see and took meds and went in back seat till migraine subsided. He said I couldn’t park at gas station without their permission and told me to drive the 5exits down to rest stop. I reiterated I took medicine and couldn’t see. He said it was only 5exits down. I complied and in route 2 different officers pulled me over for speeding and threatened to arrest me. I explained to both of the officers what happened and they both said the same as the last officer but also both gave me tickets. I now have a hold on my registration-Fines and Fees. How is this right or ok?
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