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  1. All of our work orders are done through a maintenance hotline. When this first started the mgr sees the call. But when I called recently she shows no calls from me even though I did. This is a pic of the spot. It is where the ceiling meets the wall and a pipe on the roof above it leaked into the wall. This is what they sanitized over and painted/drywall spackle covered. The white fluffy stuff is paper towels my husband tried to shove in there to keep spores from coming out until we move. I covered it with plastic and tape sealed around it.
  2. My husband and I discovered mold in our bathroom where a pipe on the roof of our apartment was leaking down the wall. We put in a work order to have it fixed since we both have asthma issues. We know the proper removal and disposal of mold that they should have done and they did not do it properly. Maintenance came in sanitized the wall and roof corner to wall, then patched over it. He told us it was not in the drywall or structure but he had no way of knowing without opening up a larger section. The pipe on roof leak was fixed by a contractor and they said it looked like it had been leaking for a long time. Maintenance closed out the work order and called it good. Mu husband and I questioned it because once the paint bubbles and drywall falls off by that time the mold is clearly in the entire wall, insulation, and drywall. We asked the mgr again if it was done correctly and she said yes it is fixed. A year later the wall bubbled and fell off again. We can clearly see mold not only on drywall and insulation, but on the wood in the wall as well. I had been having asthma issues for a week before it fell off and upon going to my doctor she wrote me a letter to break my lease I still have 9 months on and told us to get out asap. We have found a place to go. The issue is the mgr knows about this, and leading agent saw it upon entering to replace fire detectors before it fell off again. When i called Clark county code enforcement they said they could not help. I am moving by the end of the month and am probably going to be taken to court...what should we do?
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