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  1. If so how? I fell behind two months in rent and have been trying to settle with the landlord but they wouldn't. I lost the Unlawful Detainer hearing and am about to appeal (I believe mistakes were made at the trial). I offered to pay all the back rent + their legal fees. Aside from the trauma of being evicted, I REALLY don't want it on my record, because then I might have difficulty renting somewhere else. If I pay everything in full, is there a way that the Court could *order* it expunged from my record so it doesn't show on my credit report? Or would the landlord have to agree? And if so what's it called, ie what motion would I have to make or petition would I file? PS– I know, I should "Hire an attorney". I've been calling and calling attorneys but haven't found one yet who will take my case. Update: I'm researching and came across CCP 473(b) Motion to Vacate...would this be a viable option for me?
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