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  1. Thanks for all the help. Looks grim on my part and the 5 other retirees that this will effect the most.
  2. The new policy effects all employees even if you have already retired and are not yet 65.
  3. These changes are going to be across the board for current employees as well as retired employees. If you are retired and not as of yet 65, these changes will effect you. If you are still working then you will lose the same benefits as of Dec. 31,2019 Reviewing any documents issued for what? What am I looking for?
  4. Here is the situation. I worked for a company based in Texas for over 39 yrs. The company is privately owned and based out of New York. I recently retired with benefits of Pre-65 medical Retiree life insurance Medicare supplement account . I am currently 60 yrs. old 4 months into retirement the company is no longer going to offer these benefits as of Dec. 31,2019. This will leave me with no medical insurance, nor the other 2. Is this legal or being a privately owned company they can do what they want? Do I have any grounds on this matter.
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