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  1. As a partner for a retail store.... u legally cannot be held liable.... but u can be terminated for negligence on the job. It's a slippery slope for most businesses though.
  2. There are no specific wording. As a matter of fact, he was originally required to have supervised visitation. When he finally got his act together and saught treatment and cleaned up, he was finally allowed unsupervised visits.... we never went back to court. I just began allowing it due to getting his life back in order (which took 4 years). It only states he must pick up the child from my residence and return him etx. It just dowsnt say anything about anyone else being allowed to take place in his visitation. I wont keep our son from visiting the step mom bc he does have a young brother there... but I dont see it fit to allow every single visitation.
  3. This would require going to court to get a change in custody
  4. I'm in Missouri. My ex husband has visitation rights to our child, and I've never missed allowing our son to visit his dad. However, my ex recently told us that he has decided to take a contract job in another country and will be gone for a couple years. He has asked me to allow his wife to exercise visitation with my son in his absence. Is there a legal obligation for me to allow this, though there is nothing in our papers that says I must allow anyone in his family to substitute the visits in his absence? Does my sons step parent have legal rights to see him?
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