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  1. I appreciate you attacking my disciplinary style, but maybe your ignorance caused you to miss the intent of my question....try re-reading it, eliminate the judgemental thoughts, and respond if you feel that you can add value As far as my children being left alone, that is not the issue...the issue is that it is my ex'es day...should he not have to find a suitable location for them to be, other than my home, especially when I have repeatedly requested that he does not drop them off without my knowledge?
  2. I have run into a continuing situation where, for various reasons, my ex seems to think it is ok to drop our kids (13, 12, & 8) off at my house when it is his custodial day. This happens the most frequent when I am either working or out of town, and never am I given a heads up, let alone asked if it is ok. The major issues with this is that my kids then have their friends at my house, are not supervised, eat all of my food, leave my house a mess, etc... Does anyone have experience with something like this? What recourse do I have? Do I need to have the courts step in? thanks in advance
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