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  1. She abandoned her stuff in May 2019 I couldn't inform her by mail as I don't know where she went
  2. Side note I am not a landlord this is my home, and when she left I didn't know where she was or went to send a letter to.. is there another way to inform her?
  3. I put Mississippi when it asks you to in the beginning... I didn't know I needed to put it again in the question.. so are you saying that she was a tenant because she lived here? She not on any paper work. She has been gone since May 2019 and never came back to get her property.
  4. She came over in person and got clothes and dog toys.. my husband then told her to get her stuff that was on July 3rd... She is not on our mortgage or anything...
  5. Ok to try and make a long story short, I let a family member move in September last year.. in May of this year she was told she had to move out... She was officially told through text message.. July 3rd she was told to come get her stuff from my house.. she never came got her stuff can we (husband and I) put her stuff out?
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