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  1. Mother lives in Florida sons live up north. Mother is getting up there in age and has fallen quite a bit. Breaking bones in the outcome. The last two time she broke her knuckles on her right hand then fell 2 n weeks later and broke her elbow again. She needed surgery but the doctors gave her a choice and she decided to go home. The next week she was unable to sleep due to the pain so the son who has power of attorney demanded she be taken to the hotpital (Occala Fl) to have the doctors look and see if the surgery can be done to help releve the pain. The son made sure that if there was any change that he should be called immediately explaining how his mother is one of those who feels she should be in pain. Nurse explained that she was resting comfortably and he will be called if there are any changes. SHE WAS DISCHARGED 20 minutes later. She back at the assisted living still in pain. Doctors won't speak to the son who has power of attorney and we are not sure what to do now. Am I missing something please help if you can
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