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  1. On July 12th of 2018 I was stopped as a suspected DUI I have major severe social anxiety major depression heart issues that I have to take my nitro pills my daughter and my granddaughter were in the vehicle so they tried to do an aggravated DUI because my daughter is under my granddaughter's under the age of 15 they dropped it down to plea agreement slightest DUI I've had to do the classes that drug screening and I have to get through there traffic survival I guess and get an Interlock system but with all of this going on I was stopped by DPS in show low and my cousin Jeff who is an officer for lakeside pinetop called my brother in Texas and told him he was calling me before I was even released from the hospital so with they did a blood draw he got a warrant a search warrant. My cousin Jeff I've only sent seen once stats 2016 that was the only communication I've had with him he is at lakeside pinetop officer and I was stopped by DPS and show low but yet my cousin called my brother in Texas tell them he needed to call and check on me before I was released from the hospital as well as they left my daughter and my granddaughter just standing on the side of the road until her husband could go and pick her up from work I think that my cousin needs to have a reality check that he can't be messing up people's rights and when they pulled me over my pain management believes that I was having a stroke and so of course the guy stagma and everything runs right along with that
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