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  1. Does the fact that they failed to publish the contract , installer info on our website AND didn't pull permits for the project (something of a habit now) give me better standing in my dispute? There is no added language in Declarations or Regs regarding changes to common areas by Board, only by owners. Wouldn't that mean the state's default regs (i.e. changes to common areas must be voted on) would be in force? And its not that I simply "don't fancy the lights". There are correct and incorrect ways to use lighting. By using inappropriate fixtures (also not LED) with massive lumin /lux ratings , that face directly at drivers and pedestrians. It is a random mix of fixture types, heights, bulb type/shape and light colors and of course varying degrees of crazy brightness. You could peform surgery safely near the fixtures (if not for the glare) but due to incorrect color and extreme over-lighting it has created extreme dark areas (per a lighting expert this is caused by both the color rendering of the specific wavelengths and lux levels) And yes, in addition to the above, it looks terrible. Without exception house guests comment on the lighting which has significantly changed the appearance of the once charming, lush grounds. The entire area resembles a parking lot in a rough section of town. One friend has decided against putting an offer on a unit because of how unattractive it is after the sun goes down. Please , does anyone have any legal advice?
  2. Sorry, forgot to clarify. it is indeed Florida . I can't find any specific wording regarding the powers of the Board. Is there a usual location or chapter title where such info would likely be noted? And R&Rs dont specify any process for making common area modifications, other than specifying that owners must seek approval for any changes that would impact common elements. Would I be incorrect in assuming if not otherwise indicated then common area changes (lighting included) would follow community voting guidelines for any common area modifications? Also, I confirmed that no permits were pulled for the electrical work, nor was the job subjected to our 3 bid (and publication of contract, bids, plans etc). Can't yet confirm if a licensed electrician was involved. I want to stop them before they spend more money... neighbors who also dislike lighting don't want to rock the boat - retaliation is common here unfortunately. Any suggestions?
  3. Please help. While I believe intentions were good, the Board / management has hired someone to install lughting throughout the community. Unfortunately it is being done so haphazardly, with lights so bright the are blinding, wirh the light color so intense it only makes everything touched by it look washed out and indistinct and worse makes areas outside its glare seem even darker than before. The placement of fixtures is just terrible even if they weren't overly harsh and often aim directly at eye level. No plan was submitted to the community to vote on, i dont believe a licensed electrician performed the work, no permits have been pulled (that i can find) and no bids for the job were posted on our website. What can I do? I am a fan of using lighting to improve the aesthetics and safety of the community but they dont solve either of those . To make it worse, non LED lighting was used! ugh. please advise
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