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  1. My girl-friend is an RN with a Master's in Nursing. She is now retired and worked for 30yrs in nursing and grew up with millionaiire father with impeccable taste. My Girlfriend does not know HOW to SPIT! She tried to spit and of course it ran down her chin. When I met her I used Coppehaggen and when she saw me spit she moved away from me and told me "IF you want me THAT was your last spit!" The manager is on a power trip and is evict two other families who have been here for three prior apt managers. The police were called and my friend never had to talk to her. I told them that the manager would have to be committing a simple assault in order to be able to be hit by spit coming out of a vehicle 3 feet away. What? Do you think my girl has not worn glasses since the HIV problem started??? She--more that most knows the dangers of spitting and does not know HOW!!!! Please I need a spinal surgery very soon to save my ability to walk. Im 65 my friend is 60! This is insane I need her help in a very few weeks and have NO ONE ELSE!!!! I NEED HER HELP IN RECOVERY> My girl--apologized for her profanity and asked to be allowed to help me. She was told that I would be evicted if she ever came back. NOTHING PROVEN POLICE FOUND NOTHING!!! Warren
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