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  1. Thanks again folks.. crime of this century for me is the holocaust, millions civilians killed in Indochina, 200K killed in hiro/naga, 2k dead in wtc false flags, for the record.. so far
  2. Look on the bright side while consulting the title insurance co (if any), city appraiser and/or real estate legal professional : if its just been used an easement of sorts, at least u didn't have to pay TAX on it for so many years past, present. and going forward.. despite using it quite exclusively, seems.
  3. Well that explains why someone - esp a registered criminal - would dump on personal property versus public space - if its a crime to abandon it on public streets but somehow not a crime (?!) do just drive onto someone's private property and dump it instead. No wonder people nowadays fence in their entire property, increasingly =/ Thanks all.
  4. Former handyman's son who is apparently in and out of jail abandoned his minivan on our private (residential) driveway without permission to be on our property ever in the first place. We know its his based on free online vehicle history report (based on vin & plates) showing it was the handyman's first then it was transferred to the son later on. The handyman is ignoring our calls for a week now so we decided to call local police, but police said its not a crime if its on my private property. We checked inmate records and the son is out on parole/probation but also ignoring all attempts to contact him thru his info like phone # from online I'm surprised the police are not treating this like a criminal matter; they said they would only tow it if it was on the street. Anyways we called local towing companies but they said they will charge to tow it cause its junk the son dumped on our personal property in order to get rid off for free. How is that not illegal? Its legal to dump one's vehicle on another's personal property now? Just wondering how to get this vehicle out of our driveway so I can get my car into my garage. Thanks!
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