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  1. Because I have a lot of unanswered questions which is affecting me with my healing process. Knowledge is power and with details such as this can tell me what his intentions were with me and tells me if he was playing me the whole time or actually telling me the truth and if he really loved me or not. That information will tell me a lot so that I can heal and try to move on, because his death is really affecting my day to day life. With the more information I know the better it is for me so I can put this to rest.
  2. Thank you for your answers, I really appreciate them. if I want to find out if there is a marriage license is registered in the state they got married in do I hire a attorney or a investigator to find out this information for me. I only know what he grooms name birthday and SS number and her first name and a few of the last names she has used through the years. I don’t know the year it was or exactly where but I’m sure it was In Arizona, Yuma maybe or surrounding areas. Can this search be done?
  3. What do you mean If the marriage was legal where it was entered into? And I was told they tried to get married to get her citizenship but the immigration or who ever it is here in the US that handles that, denied her and didn’t believe their story, she had to go back to Mexico and was in a lot of trouble for being in the USA for so long . I’m getting my information from my boyfriend who just passed away last month, and I’m trying to figure out if he was really actually married or not. I’m trying to get some closer on this matter and wondering if he was lying the whole time to me and was really legally married or not. He said the kids think they are but he said he’s really not legally married, and I just need to know the truth. Because it is driving me crazy not knowing.
  4. Can a American Citizen from Arizona be legally married to a illegal from Mexico and have that marriage be legal here in the USA or in Mexico? If they got married in Arizona? And vice versa can a American citizen from Arizona legally be married to a Mexican citizen and have it be legal here in the USA or Mexico? But they got married in Mexico and he’s not a citizen from Mexico. Thank You, Angela
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