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  1. Thank you - This is verbatim of the Ordinance - Privacy fences located within residential communities must be no more than 4' high when located forward of the front corner of the principal structure of the property. The Code Enforcement Officer and the City Administrator both said it was from the front of the living space, as did the Clerks that worked in the offices and gave out the information. Then upon questioning a 2nd time, it was stated the same way, the front corner of the living space. Then out of the blue the City Attorney said "My Opinion of this is the principal structure including the garage". Where that came from no one knows. They have been telling residents the living space of the structure, as you do no live in your garage and if the garage sticks out past your living space, it does not qualify. Now, all of a sudden it does qualify. Is there some law or what that a City Attorney can just give an opinion and the Ordinance is then changed without it being in writing?
  2. If building a Privacy Fence between two residents and Ordinance states it can not be over 4 ft high when located forward of the front corner of the principal structure of the property. Does that mean the front corner of the Living Space or the front corner of the garage if it extends further out from the living space?
  3. Thank you for responding. My neighbor sued me, his attorney file a Summons and Complaint, and I answered. We went to court, my water lines going into my home were supposedly under his grass on his property, but since he Falsified the Property Line, no one knows exactly where the property line goes, without another survey. Which I was directed by the Judge at the first hearing to have one done After he finished building the fence. But NOT once did he state that he could come onto my property to build the fence. He was ordered to replace my water lines from the meter at street, to my shut off valve at my home. This was accomplished, but I was not going to let him on my property to build his fence. I read the transcript of the hearing and it was not stated anywhere that he could. We went back to court, and as I stated earlier, I unexpectedly started going into diabetic shock, something I never experienced before, and had no idea what was happening to me, I know I was not able to answer any questions coherently, and the bailiff kept asking me questions and I could not answer and I only remember trying to ask the Judge for the Statute or the Law, and he turned and yelled, literally yelled at me that "I AM THE LAW". After that I don't remember anything until a very Kind Woman was pounding on my car windows and yanking me out of my car, forcing me to drink some water she had and then a bottle of orange juice. Thank God she found me, and that she was also a diabetic and knew exactly what was happening to me. She got me medical help and I was then able after 2 hrs to drive home. Then had a neighbor take me to my doctor for the next 2 hrs. So, I have requested numerous times for a copy of the transcript, but his attorney refuses to get one, or even take my calls. So, you are saying that there really nothing can be done, and that SOB can come on my property, cut down a tree on my property so he can build a fence his property, because it is in his way and his attorney wrote in the court order that he can remove and obstacle in his way on my property and a Judge signed that. IS That Legal??? And, how can a Judge force me to allow him on my property when a full and enforceable "No Trespass" against him. The Police said they can overrule a Court Order, but yet when I brought it up at the first hearing, the Judge then asked when I had it written. I said 2 years before this whole mess started. So, am just to sit and let him walk all over me, that I have NO Rights??? Just answer me that and I won't bother you again. Thank You, R. Stokes-Bolon
  4. Im not Shouting, I am asking for help. I did not have an attorney, I cannot afford one, and I was told to come to this WebSite and would be able to get answers to my questions. I am frustrated and need some assistance. I cannot afford $1,500.00 for an attorney, and what do you do when a Judge refuses to give you the Statute or the Law that says he can order me to allow the neighbor onto my property and that He turned and Stated "I Am the LAW". What do you do then? Do I have any Rights?
  5. State of South Carolina, we have been to court two separate times, first time the neighbors lawyer added that his client could encroach onto my property and that was never said in the Court Hearing, but Judge signed the order, I guess without even reading it, as their were several items in the court order that were never said in the Hearing. We went back to court, and instead of canceling the hearing, the Judge proceeded, even though I was told I was not answering his questions or talking coherently, and as it turns out, I was going into a diabetic shock. But, anyway, I get a copy of the court of Order from the 2nd hearing and the Judge signs it once again without reading it and stating he can come onto my property and cut down my last tree and flowers that the Plaintiff had already destroyed 6 of my trees and several Rose Bushes and flowers, as they are in his way while he builds his fence. What ARE MY RIGHTS?
  6. Need the Statue or Law that States a Property Owner has to allow the next door Property Owner on their Property to Build a Fence
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