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  1. I was arrested 3 years ago for indecent behavior and my personal and work computers and flash drives were seized to look for evidence as well as two cell phones . My case has since been dismissed "nolle prosqueii". Am I entitled to receive my seized items back?
  2. Not me changing the law, but changing the wording of my case dismissal. But I know even that requires another motion go before the judge and that takes time as well. Thank you for the info though. It is quite helpful
  3. It’s just odd because I went through the orientation and they asked me to get find out about the law and ways to change the wording so that they can hire me.
  4. A false report was filed for indecent behavior. I was a teacher and I am trying to finally get back to teaching now that it was cleared up
  5. They are saying they want to hire me but this law is preventing them from doing so because of the wording.
  6. They are still able to see the arrest, it just says expunged next to it
  7. A few years ago I was arrested on a felony charge. Since then the case has been dismissed nolle prosequi and record expunged. I am trying to get back into my profession but I was told by a school board that Louisiana passed a law last year stating I couldn’t be hired if my case is Nolle Prose. I am having trouble locating any law that states this and even further, can this really be done?
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