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  1. Am I entitled self defense shooting in my rv if parked on another someones property? i hope. johnhonaker1949@gmail.com Me and my wife had boughten a little old rv after i retired. i am 49 now so we aren't really that old. she had worked at a big auto company here and we needed a place to fix up this rv before going around. she knew a guy that worked with her and we started paying to be with are rv on his property. I think the guy fancy my wife and we were having sum problem. one night he came out and into my rv and was hitting me with a baton, or black jack type stick. it hit me in head and ripped above me lip. i start shooting and hit him 3 or so times. i left scene. he told police i chased him round outside shotting at him without a reason. they found his baton, or blackjack thing and have me charged. if i go in it seems it should be self-defense. we both have retirement and my life is crashing down. the gun was a .22 semi auto. i dont want to hurt him or nobody.
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