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  1. I like your response!! This was just released on Friday, so I am looking elsewhere and, as you said, FU ** NO!! Only reason I am able to have the luxury of telecommuting is because I sought a telecommuting position and I will find another.
  2. Work as a telecommuter for a company. All telecommuters use their own personal, employee paid for, computers. We received a new policy change that the company will be installing their firewalls and anti-virus on our personal computers and we are no longer allowed to use them for anything other than work!!! We were told they will consistently audit our personal computers for personal use and will come to our home and inspect them as they see fit. We were told that we will adhere to the policy or we must start driving into work and if we cant drive into work, then we can part ways. Is that legal in North Carolina? And if so, does the company have to pay me for the computer I purchased since it can no longer be used for anything other than work?
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