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  1. Oh go ahead and pick that one apart for grammar too if it entertains you. What you give eventually will come back. Good Day
  2. Ranting...maybe, but if you had questions regarding your fathers death and no one would help you, how would you feel? I don't want to post all that on here, but I have been trying to get answers since I heard about my father and people who know me and the events that happen do not think I am overreacting and the witnesses I took on both trips just for that reason. In fact, the events with my father are eerily close to what happened to my grandpa. Now I have good reason to "rant" as if you felt and I doubt if I had access to what I needed I would be taken seriously by people other than those who know me. The whole reason I even demanded probate is I was told by my landlord, since the hospital, hospice and police station (mom volunteers there) have absolutely no desire to look into it even though it is the law. I would rather be looked at as crazy than right, but I doubt that. They did not want me there because they knew I would throw a fit and question things. I know my family well and unfortunately been right up to now, but how would you feel if you loved your father and knew in everything you were something wasn't right, his attorney said yes there are "major assets" but no will that he is aware of....which they made sure everything was cleaned out before I came and why my sister kept asking where are you now...They did not expect me to come up with the money to be there and were very hostile toward me when I arrived, even though we were just fine before I left. You are not the one that had to look at your dying father and tell him you had to leave him because I knew and couldn't do anything because no one would listen and well..... believe what you want. The more I look into this the more obvious it becomes. Rant....I'm sure that is what everyone thinks that doesn't know me. But I made a promise to my father that I would do everything in my power to see this person and others involved held accountable. I would rather rant and sound like a mental ward patient, than sit and do nothing. So again thank you and I hope that you never have to go through something like this, because it really gives insight on what the world is turning to, and it isn't pretty. Treat others as you would like them to treat you as you may be in their place. Count your blessings. Good Day
  3. And I am in Salt Lake City....He is in Spokane. I'm getting that no one will help. It amazes me how people can repeatedly hurt people intentionally and take what is rightfully theirs and this what people who try to everything to be the best person I can. I give up thinking if you do good it will come back. That's a joke. This is one of the worse things I've had to experience and I reach out desperate for help and I get kicked when I'm down? Thank you very much. I hope you got something out of it
  4. I didn't even write those. I am asking and I have called attorney after attorney and am at my wits end honestly, If you even knew what I have gone through and still am.... I am a beneficiary and my family had lied about my father having any assets, and have made obvious attempts to stop me from being included. Now I have less than an hour to find out if as a beneficiary, as the probate is only set for motion, do i only have 30 days to respond as I cannot get a straight answer. I am about to walk away I'm so stressed and hurt and havent even gotten to grieve. They have violated my rights repeatedly and my fathers I believe but when no one will listen.... why would I hope now. thanks
  5. I appreciate the correction especially since I was in distress and I had a half hour to respond. I don't know how much because my family had told me there was nothing. Everywhere I have tried to call can't answer my questions and their attorney said I didn't have to file anything right now. I live in salt lake this is in washington. I am only trying to find out if I have to file anything within the 30 day or forfeit my right to claim. If you even knew the hell I have been through, nevermind. If you can tell me if I have 30 days as a beneficiary, I would appreciate it. I know it is a lot more than nothing. He worked for the railroad and was a veteran. They don't want me to claim and unfortunately they may get their wish now

  6. I received a call from my sister exactly 3 weeks before my father passed, saying my father had just been diagnosed with lung, spine and brain cancer. I asked how long the doctors gave him so I can save to drive they said the doctors didn't know yet. I have to much to list. But they did not want me there and now I know why. they tried to have me arrested at the hospital, refuse to provide paperwork and show proper procedures were filed. She told me my father had nothing. I demanded probate because the extent they were going to to keep me in the dark and get me out of there. They were also very pushy i not go to probate and then said my father had a little money but it would be taken up by attorneys if we do. The attorney I spoke with was unfortunately unable to take it because he was in Seattle not Wa. But he said the judge wouldn't require them to post that large of bond if only a little. I need to talk to someone but i cant afford an attorney. I need help
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