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  1. You can clearly see him in the videos propping his phone up somewhere in the room while I'm not there, and then I come in.
  2. I may or may not take legal action but I would like to have evidence in case I do. If nothing else, it can be for leverage. I am not really worried about those people seeing the videos and pictures.
  3. Actually I am positive that this is against the law in Louisiana. That was not my question.
  4. Wouldn't I need evidence to prove that he committed the crime?
  5. To get this answer. And now, a chance to obtain evidence while he is not home. Thank you.
  6. Divorce is most likely going to happen for many reasons including this. He uses his cell phone. He props it up on the dresser or somewhere when he knows I am about to come into the room. I deleted a lot of the files on his computer, but he has several external hard drives that I haven't checked yet.
  7. I found videos and pictures of myself on my husbands laptop, which he took without my knowledge or consent. The videos are of us having sex and the pictures are of me naked or in my underwear. He does not know that I went on his laptop and found these things. He has given me his password to log on to his laptop in the past, but did not necessarily give me permission to get on it whenever I want. But he also has not changed the password. My question is, what are the privacy laws between spouses in Louisiana? Is it illegal for me to go on his laptop to obtain evidence that he has been videoing me and taking pictures of me without my consent?
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