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  1. As a new person to this post. I can understand the frustration your going through as im disabled vet trying to get my 1st service dog that my mental health provider has given to me. Its Hoops and jumps to get it started. But from the NE I know some who also was disabled by accident, insurance company was giving him the run. Around as he tried doing it the way he thought he should but then he realized that if the Dr submitted the order for the dog then insurance would receive orders from the dr and have tk process them. But they can give a client the run around. I dont know if it's the same where you are but that's what j would do get the dog deal with the insurance after the fact its alot harder for them to take something away then the they give approval to get. NOW all I have to say is it seemed like you were giving a very detailed account of your situation and yes the reply was sarcastic and repetitive saying same thing over and over and then gives you a spiel about same question over and over which you should do thinking that may be someone else would answer not the same guy repeating the same answer. Like you said when answering it's his question feel free to ignore it especially if you already gave an answer. He is trying to get help while going through something and def doesnt need your crap that had absolutely no impact on his situation and hell wasnt even advise you asked him questions about not listening to lawyers he's asked. To me in the army your what we call a **** house lawyer someone who had to act like they had everything figured out and nothing they said or did or was wrong. Anf those meat heads were the ones out on the front lines running their mouths still not realizing what got them where they were. If your not helping or being constructive to people asking for help why the hell would you open your mouth and show how ignorant you truly are by trying to belittle the poster and somehow make yourself feel or look better somehow but u never do you prove how incompetent you are. Please something's can push people over the edge even something as small as that back and forth earlier there no reason for that on website that is ment for people to help each other not try to act like they better then everyone. If some one asks for help and you cant either keep it shut or maybe rec something or someone that can help. That's all good luck let me know how you make out with the S.DOG when u get it squared away..
  2. So I took a new position at work with a contact for pay. States in contract that any change in pay would require a weeks written notice prior to the change. I just got my pay stub for work last week as we are paid a week behind like 90% of all companies. And in my pay stub was a note stating my pay was changed back to hourly as of this pay period meaning the week of work I had already worked. Now contract says a week notice, but he actually gave me the notice a week after the pay period changed. And now I'm getting the feeling since I contact HR that I'm being forced out. And other employees have also stated that what's happening isnt right. I have been there several years never gotten in trouble not even a verbal warning. I planned on staying here for prob the rest of my career as this position has is everything I wanted.or was, do I have a leg to stand on for breach of contract and if I am being forced out is thjs considered retaliation. Again no other issues ever. It all started after I spoke to Human resources. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also 3 diff states involved here working here live in a diff state and company is in a 3rd state. Should I contact each labor dept. Or consult with labor lawyer in each state for best protection for employee rights? Thanks again everyone
  3. Why it's a binding contract unless it says something that there a prob period or something else convering them a company has to tell you what your being paid for any job you agree to and they are required to notify prior to any pay change I would think you do have something here but it doesnt sound like you were in that position long bringing this up and making waves for few dollars to few hundred is it worth rattling that cage? Pick the battles you have a chance at winning or can def win, and if you can't win pick a battle you can only afford to lose..
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