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  1. I would like to add a missing piece: The father has filed an emergency Custody first, while I was busy taking care of the child. He's using time against me and its working. The only custody "order" is within the PFA in one line that states mother maintains sole physical and legal custody until Sunday July 28, 2019 at 4 PM. The it becomes one week on one week off. My son has never left me for more than a few days. I have been his primary and ONLY caregiver since birth. This judge waived all my rights and allowed no leverage for me to obtain counsel, knowing I was headed into a weekend. I need to know if a PFA is considered a custody "order" and whether I can break it fearing for my child with legitimately legal reasons (several.) I would at least like to handle this tomorrow by going down to the courthouse in person. Secondly, I need to know if that little bylaw that states contempt of court in custody is considered upon "repeated" failure to comply with judges orders. Thank you.
  2. Please Help SAVE A CHILD! My child's father has a PFA on him for domestic violence. I finally got out--but he became aggressive and the child and I left with what we could carry. He damaged my car almost hurting my son, has an entire family history of disturbing psychiatric behaviors, weapons usage (in very distrubring ways) and still has them (he DI NOT relinquish those weapons and police said "ok!"). He is the most dangerous person I've ever met--besides his mother. She is at the root of every death threat, physical abuse and stalking. She is the reason I had to leave. I fear her more than I fear him. Court awarded ME a PFA, dropped my son and this judge with little time on bench allowed him to have 50% custody on the PFA forms. I am to hand over my child tonight at 4 PM. The court is demanding I break the law either way. I am to knowingly and willingly hand my traumatized) son (who is terrified beyond rational thought and is begging not to go) to this woman who has put my son in real danger many times before and he has been hurt as a result of her negligence and spite. I know he will be abused. My job is to protect my child (I was also working for child protective services before getting fired for protecting my son). I am to hand him to an abuser and known addict who has been banned from any doc in state getting narcotics. He has almost killed my son five different times with narcotics, overdosing my 5 yr old on otc meds, leaving him home alone mutiple times and I have it on text, etc. He tried buring down our house while we slept. PLEASE tell me theres a way I don't have to deliver this child. I called a lwyer--he filed when I was running and busy protecting my child--and caring for him. I have no money now. I have no lawyer (and got eaten alive at court days ago). I filed an emergency petition on Friday with 78 points of pure horror about my son. Conveniently, judge left without getting back to me (I was told to await an answer). Please help me. Police told me I will be held in contempt, and/or lose my custody rights altogether if they get called and I fail to deliver the child. HOW DO YOU DELIVER A CHILD INTO THE HANDS OF AN ABUSER WILLINGLY???? Im currently awaiting a callback from an attorney--on a Sunday. Not likely. ANy help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!
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