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  1. My Husband is going through Difficult times with his 14 yr old son who has been deemed ungovernable by even the judge. He has been constantly harrassed ,verbally disrespected, called names in open court and heard the public defender of my son make false claims about our family to the State Attourneys and Child Net about us. Chilnet supervisor make false claims and reported to the abuse hot line that we left our son home alone. The police and Childnet was to my home through out several days when our family was out of town,So humiliating. My husband cant even work peacefully cause of these people wanting to make us out to be Bad parents and they cant find nothing. The son is so out of control til My husband signed forms to give up his parental rights and the state Rejected it. I Feel like we are being targetted and Bullied by the System . What can we do to stop them ? We have other kids thats fine,a home,we both work. This son just wants to live his life in the streets committing crimes,not going to school,doesnt obey authority or rules. Hes been in years of counseling and group homes,even in chilnets custody and they see what we go through with this child. Yet they continue to do nothing with the child and Hold us Hostage to the child and if we dont please the child by allowing him to do as he pleases. We have to be punished . Please help someone.
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