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  1. I have a similar situation with my mom's death and her husband saying that she had no will. They were married for 30 years. My mom had both bipolar disorder and years of life threatening illnesses, numerous hospitalizations. He called me about a year and few months before she passed away, saying as he "cried", making a point to tell me this only during this particular call that " your mom is manic again and I have to take her name off of everything!" Not thinking at that time he was probably planning for her imminent death during one of these hospitalizations and would therefore not have to give me and my 3 sisters anything. Which would have absolutely gone against my mother's wishes. He was domineering during their entire marriage and did not include her in any financial aspect. I feel she felt like he had her best interests in mind, but he really didn't. After 30 years of marriage , she is entitled to have her wishes honored. He didn't even bury her where she wanted to be. He has seemed to have been planning this for years and it's the principle of matter that is really bothering me. Any thoughts?
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