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  1. Our company is in Virginia and software company is in Texas. This company is charging us 50% of their regular billing rate. Even though we are not able to bill properly due to their mistakes. Today we spoke to one of their employees and he is calling us liars. We have back billing of $150k while some of the claim are paying $4k here and $5k there. But we have to pay payroll bi weekly which is around $15k to 20k. We have exauhasted all our personal savings paying this expenses.
  2. We have small business that takes care of elderly, we bill to different insurance companies using the software. In January this new company promised us that with their software we would be able to bill faster and more effective and were told that the installation and set up will only take two weeks. So we cancelled our previous software and switch to them in February of 2019, since than their program is not working and we are not able to bill insurance companies for six months. We had to borrow money to meet our payrolls for six months. The first person assinged to us to us for software setup kept on giving us excuses and now she went on a vacation. This big company doesn't care if we go bankrupt. Even their software is not working and they have nerve to charge us 50% of their normal billing rate. Now on how can we sue them? Can we sue them only for the amount of past 6 months billing or more for the stress and breach of contract?
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