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  1. Yes, we are both listed on the mortgage and deed. I'm considering changing the title and/or doing a quit claim deed. However, if we don't divorce and I die (of natural causes!) I'm fine with him having the house. I'm not sure if he wasn't on the title, if he could have the house, if I pass away. I have consulted with an attorney. For my situation and circumstances, I need to keep this as simple as possible.
  2. Hello~ In the past year, I have received money, which was inherited. It was all placed into a bank account which only has my name on it. My husband and I are purchasing a new home. I am using my inheritance for the down payment. I am not planning on getting a divorce. However, I would like my husband to sign a document saying if we do divorce, the house would be mine, and he would not have a claim to it. He has verbally agreed to this arrangement, but I would like it in writing too. However, I would rather not get an attorney involved. My life would be much easier if it could be a very simple form we can both sign. Could someone please direct me to a form I could use? Thank you!
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