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  1. Where may I post questions about motions to alter or amend Nevada state court judgments? My civil rights case was dismissed. I filed a motion to alter/amend under NRCP 59(e). The court agreed that my case should not have been dismissed for the reasons it used. The court issued a new set of reasons to dismiss my case. May I once again file another 59(e) to address and argue against those new reasons? Will that continue to toll the time to appeal? If there is a more appropriate forum to bring these questions, please direct me to that forum if one exists.
  2. Well, I owe a very large public defender court fee that is 15 years old. Can I still be forced to pay it off under this kind of order?
  3. Can a parole officer require the collection of court fees that have been written off by order of the court? I have attached a partial copy of one of the Orders. If possible, please provide any citation to authority if possible. Thanks!
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