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  1. Thanks for your replies, I appreciate the input. And that's all about what I figured. In today's world, I figured I probably wouldn't have much recourse as an employee in this situation. I'll speak to my supervisor about it tomorrow and see how things go. I like the idea of talking to my coworkers about it, but I'm afraid that a lot of pressure was put on us to sign this very quickly and by the end of the day today, so I'm afraid most or all of them have already signed it. It seem unfortunate to me that this is legally permissible, though. When Facebook hoovers up personal information, they are providing people with an optional service. If someone doesn't wish to have their data collected, they don't need to use Facebook. As a working person, I do need to have a job in order to survive. To me, it seems like putting onerous requirements on the conditions of my employment like this should be against the law. I mean, I have to let my employer record and share information about my political affiliations and sexual habits (not even just preference, but habits) in order to work? What? Well, I'm an American, and I'll subsist off the land before I submit to that willingly. But better yet, I'll just find an at least marginally less-creepy job if it comes down to it. Thanks for your help.
  2. I have been with the same company for nearly two years. Today, I was presented with a contract I was told I am required to sign relating to what information my company can collect, store, and disclose about me. I figured it would all be standard stuff that I would expect from any job (social security number, educational info, etc). After reading it more closely, it says it would give them the right to collect, store, and share information about my religious beliefs, sexual orientation and habits, scans of my retina, political beliefs and affiliations, and a host of other things that I in no way consent to my company storing or sharing about me. My company is required to keep certain information about me in order to conduct business and comply with applicable law, and I'm fine with that. But there is no reason they need to know, store, or share with others any information pertaining to my thoughts on god or politics, or who I sleep with or how I vote. I do not work for the government or in any role that requires a security clearance of any kind. I am a technician in a call center. My understanding is that if I don't sign this disclosure, I'm going to be terminated. I am not a lawyer which is why I'm posting here, but I don't understand how that could be legal. The information they are demanding I allow them to record, keep and share has nothing to do with my job, and they are not required to collect or store it in order to employ me. What's next, demanding that I upload the contents of my journal nightly, or allow them to implant a tracking device in my body? I would appreciate any advice I can get with this. There is no way I'm signing this thing, but I don't want to lose my job. Thank you.
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