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  1. I live in California. Two months ago I took my dog to the “dog beach” near my home and before we even knew what was happening - two loose dogs were racing towards us. As I turned to grab my small puppy, one of the dogs leapt at my backside and took a nasty bite out of the back of my leg. Literally - you can still see marks from where every one of the dog’s teeth bit into my skin and flesh. The male dog owner and two women had watched the attack. The man called off his dog and immediately ran up the stairway leading to his beach home - taking the attacking dog with him. I was distraught. I was in pain and had fallen in the sand. I was visibly upset and I called out to the women - saying your dog just bit me! They literally turned their backs on me - facing the other way. I called 911 and reported it. A sheriff came out and made a report. I reported it to animal control and they quarantined the dog for the required amount of time. They said the owner wanted to pay for my medical bills and gave me his phone number. I spoke with him once and told him I was surprised I had not been contacted by his insurance adjuster. I had suffered an injury and I knew he should turn it into his insurance. He said he was not going to do that but he would pay my medical bills. The injury has literally had repercussions I will not bore anyone with details about, but they are hard to prove and reach further than I would like to admit. I want to be paid for pain and suffering, compensated for the way it has effected my exercise routine and in turn my health - not to mention the emotional trauma of the experience including how those involved turned their backs on me & my puppy instead of asking if we were okay. What should I do if the dog owner will not turn this into his insurance company? I did not go to the doctor and animal control said it was the dog’s first offense. It has been a life changing injury. Thank you to anyone who can offer me advice.
  2. Got it - thank you (everyone!) for answering! I actually found out they offered it to one of the girls I hired (the extra per hour because not on company’s health insurance) but did not offer it to the other girl. Now that seems like discrimination to me but I guess it’s not my problem. Again, I’m grateful for the responses!
  3. I work in California and the employee handbook states they pay for 100% of our health insurance policy. I thank everyone for their time & effort to reply!
  4. What if in the employee handbook it states “X company pays for 100% of your health insurance”?
  5. My employer recently gave me (Regional Property Manager) the task of hiring two assistants. It turns out they both are starting out making more money than I do because they do not need the company’s health insurance plan! Both new hires are on their husbands’ health insurance plans. My boss divided up the amount the company would spend on their plans annually by 2080 work hours a year and tacked that amount onto my assistants’ hourly wages. Since I am single and not on a spouse’s health plan - both assistants are making a higher hourly wage than I am paid and I have been with the company two and 1/2 years. Is this not blatant discrimination against me because I am single? Please advise - thank you!
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