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  1. The deck is going to cost 600.00 to repair. Hot Tub cover is 350.00. Railing behind the grill around 100.00 and the chair was 40.00. And I could not turn it off at the source because the tank is under the grill and the grill was very hot at the time. That is why I turned it off at the dials and opened the lid so the flareup would burn out. But I will try them one more time. Then I will contact the AG for ILL and see if he/she will do anything.
  2. On Friday June 21st I was grilling out a steak and some chicken on my Weber Spirit grill. I let them cook for about 6 minutes then came out and flipped them over. Went back into the house for another 6 minutes and came out to my grill flaring up. I opened the top and took the food off but the grill was still flaring. I think it is a design issue that allows some of the grease to puddle on the bottom of the grill. So I turned the gas off at the burners but the grill was still hot so I thought I would wait to turn the gas off at the tank until it has cooled down some. I did leave the lid up. I went back into the house for about 5 minutes and then heard a sound not quite like and explosion but close and my backyard lit up like daylight. Fire was coming out of the grill from the top and the front. The flames were shooting out about 15 feet up and 15 feet out. Not only did the grill burn up but it melted a chair, the railing behind the grill, the top on our hot tub which is about 10 feet away, and the cover on our fire pit. I was able to put the fire out with a water hose but we did call the fire department and they came over to help with the hot spots. It even burned under our deck. The fireman said that we were very lucky to have had the grill that far away from the house or our house would have caught fire. And if I had been standing in front of the grill when it went off I would not be writing you this letter. I contacted Weber on June the 22nd and have had several phone calls with them asking me the same questions and I sent them the pictures. Today is July 17th and I’m still waiting for a resolution. My question is do I have a case to at least recover the damages?
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