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  1. Thank you for all of your responses. It isn't only not being able to speak French since I can Google translate the meeting notes. It is also being left out of meetings since I do not share an office with the team. I am not willing to leave NYC to move to Paris. I am looking for a new job.
  2. I do not know what to do. I work for a large multinational company based in the US. Everyone in my group are based in France except for my direct boss and myself. I have found out that due to the time and preferred language (french) of the meeting my boss and I have not been included in meetings. During these meetings, future projects are discussed and assigned. I feel like I am being excluded and my exposure to future projects is being limited due to my lack of being in the Paris office and my inability to speak french. French was not a required skill to the position. A project that I spent a lot of time looking into that did not get funding lasr year just got given to a woman in the Paris office. For honesty, I have also had a couple of difficult months at work. I have had difficulty fitting in to the culture here. I originally came from a start-up type culture where we did not need lean charters, project managers, endless meetings, etc. But I have tried and always had good reviews. I had a child and had a seriously ill parent that I took care of (my parent is fully recovered now) I do not know what I should do or if I am just being sensitive.
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