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  1. Hey y’all! The skinny is, back in march I had applied internally to a higher position. I made it to the last round, did phenomenal, and didn’t get any negative feedback (which I hate since I like to learn. After the process, I learned from a buddy that he had also applied to the same position, and got eliminated first round. A new position opened up recently, and I got an immediate declination from recruiting stating “we as a philosophy expect you applicants applying to relevant roles wait six months to reflect on your feedback from the application process.” After my denial, I found out that they let my buddy interview, who had been in the same hiring process as me! How is that ok? He was denied first round for “not letting his boss know he was entering an application,” but the position is the same as our bosses, so should she even be able to be a part of the process? They also very quickly removed all the men from the hiring process. Not sure if that’s significant, but something really feels wrong about everything. One of the women in the last round has only been at the company 6 months, which doesn’t even meet the requirement of “12 months in your current position” on the application, and my bud and I have been in our positions almost two years.. is it worth bringing up to HR? There’s just sooo many fishy stuff going on. Thanks for listening!
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