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  1. The most recent one in that screenshot was filed, never got a response from Infinity or the Department of Insurance on all 3 cases...
  2. Well if i knew why they refuse to pay out the policy limit, I wouldnt have asked my initial question. It's an insurance company, since when do they EVER pay what they are supposed to pay?
  3. I have submitted a complaint to the department of insurance. Nothing happened. Never got a response.
  4. There isnt any other reason except that they know if I hire a lawyer, I will only get 10k anyway. I could sue the insurance company for bad faith as they are unwilling to pay the policy limit out but that takes even longer....they wont even give me a reason why they sre only offerring 10k.
  5. im in the state of california. Both the at fault driver and I have the same policy limits which means I cant use underinsured motorist coverage (state of california). Bbn
  6. I was rear ended 2/14/2018. Had physical therapy, missed work and continue to have ongoing back problems. Insurance company refuses to pay the policy limit of 15k and only offered 10k. I dont have the money to hire a lawyer, Ive negotiated on my own but we are now at an impasse. Should I sue the at fault driver or try to sue the insurance company for bad faith? I just want this over with but my medical bills are over 32k.
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