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  1. I think I understand what there is to know about copyrights and trademarks, although as an idea of an online retail store comes to mind I can't help but ask a few questions: 1- If I buy product from another country and sell online (which has the trademarked images) would I be able to use the First Sale Doctrine in my defense if a company tries to sue me for trademark infringement? 2- How would I go about getting verification that a company has a trademark license, and confirming, to produce the apparel? 3- Is there a disclaimer that I can post on the website I plan to build to let any trademark owners know that I am a reseller, not a producer? If so, anything specific that needs to be input within the disclaimer? 4- Would I also have to obtain a trademark license from the company in order to post them online? Even if I fall under the First Sale Doctrine criteria, although I won't be in direct contact with any of the products On another note: 5- Will I need to obtain an EIN and create a business entity (LLC) if I were to go forward, prior to the site going live? Although it won't be my main source of income for the near future
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