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  1. Thanks for the reply adjusterjack. Of course I have done research pertaining to this. I am looking for more than just "general information". I am hoping to get insight on what actual legal steps can be taken. The phrase I quoted is far from "out of context". It's actually pretty black and white no matter what way it's looked at. Bottom line in my opinion, there should NEVER be a time when this sort of "rhetoric" should be allowed during ANY legal proceeding.
  2. Can someone tell me about prosecutorial misconduct during a criminal trial? I believe my cousin didn't get a fair trial and I am trying to get some advice. During closing arguments the Assistant DA said the following thing to the jury..... "I don't even care that some of the state witnesses lied on the stand during their testimony. I would have done the same thing if it were me." I just don't understand how a ADA is allowed to say something like this to the jury and nothing be done about it. Isn't our criminal justice system structured around the idea that the truth about a case is being presented. If the state nor the court care that perjury is being committed than that in returns totally undermines the justice system. There is more to this case but can someone help me out with understanding the complex law of Louisiana regarding this question. I can then ask a few more questions that I have. Thank you Less
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