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  1. Your clients are irrelevant because your healthcare is paid for by tax dollars. Your choice, deal with it.

  2. You don't know what your talking about. Your remarks sound like you're parroting them from Rush Limbaugh. The disabled are eligible for spousal support, protection from abandonment, abuse, and also eligible for spousal provided healthcare. Your comment that the disabled have no rights should alone warrant kicking you off this board. You seem to have the impression that I want my wife to change her mind and stay. Most people go through a period where there is a desire for reconciliation, as part of the greiving process. I don't know what you're insinuating but you know nothing about me, my relationship, or my personal feelings. You seem to be deliberately going off topic to make an insinuation. If you have a point, say it, if you're a coward, then stick to the topic. How are you linking that to my question on people with disabilities? I would assume your using such comments to cause hurt. As for social programs, not one offers legal help. Again, your ignorance speaks volumes. I request that the moderator freeze this thread.
  3. I was asking for suggestions and help . . what are a disabled person's rights? Morality is the basis for most laws. Abandonment, alimony, provisions to prevent the disabled from being treated as human defects, and placed in camps. That's been tried, how did that work out? To hear how you approached the topic, you offered not one solution. It was you who stated "She is a person with rights as well." You are not worth wasting any more of what time I have left. I do have a movie suggestion to offer: Triumph of the Will.
  4. I don't want to force anyone to do anything. I always honored my wedding promises and I was expecting her to do the same. I can't help I became I'll. You sound like a person that disregards personal and morale responsibility in favor of self. It's not only immoral, it breaks a sacred promise made before family, friends, and God. At least she could have made arrangements for my care. Would you walk out on an ill parent or spouse? If so, you would be committing what the legal community refers to as "Slow motion murder". Are you a man or woman?
  5. So, I'm left with no care, possibly of no place to live, food, etc. In Pa, it's illegal to do that to a pet dog.
  6. Pennsylvania. I am the disabled husband.
  7. Wife walked out on disabled husband of 38 years. Husband gets SSDI of aprox 12,000, wife earns 60,000. Have no care. Disabled spouse has no family or friends. Public help is useless. Was this a criminal act? What can be done to protect disabled spouse?
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