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  1. PUCO doesn't regulate cooperatives, only investor owned utilities like AEP.
  2. Hard to say as we don't have the actual figures of our usage over the last 6 years yet, but doing a back of the napkin estimate, it could be at least $15,000.
  3. We've just discovered that our energy company, a cooperative, has been overcharging us since we moved to this house six years ago. We bought the house from a church who had owned it for 50 years. The first month in this house, not much larger than our last house and built the same year, our electricity bill was so high that we called the company and asked if it was possible our meter was mixed up with the church meter. They assured us that it was not. About a year later we called and asked again, stating our bills were ridiculously high (sometimes six times what we were accustomed to). They assured us again that the meter wouldn't be the issue and that they'd send out someone to do an energy audit. We asked him the same question and he likewise assured us a meter mixup wasn't the issue. Now, six years later I decided to look at the meter and turn everything off in the house to isolate what was using so much power. The meter didn't display anything so I called the company leading to our discovering that, in fact, we had been getting billed based on the meter at the church and they had been getting billed based on our meter, for SIX YEARS! They have been friendly and open about the issues on the phone and admitted that they saw where we had called and complained of high bills in the past. They say this is unprecedented for their company and so they are looking into the Ohio Revised Code for guidance about how to proceed. I've looked in the code (admittedly as an amateur law sleuth) and all I find directly addressing such issues is a bit about how electric companies can only ask for the last year's payments when they discover that they are undercharging someone. What I want to know is whether there is anything that lays out what a business is required to do in such cases. I'm afraid they're going to try and repay us less than they owe us, perhaps based on some time limitation, though they've given no indication one way or another regarding their intentions, except to say that they want to do what is right and fair. Their lawyers probably have a narrow view of right and fair. I wish they were an investor owned company then I could consult PUCO (Public Utilities Commission of Ohio) but as it is they are a member owned cooperative.
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