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  1. My incident happened in Hawaii. This guy pulled a similar scam in Fort Lauderdale a few years back. I ran across the store in Ft Lauderdale by coincidence. I was able to get his real name from the business registry in Hawaii and by seeing him on the aforementioned news story. He gave me a false name. I did contact the Register Industries Complaints Board of Hawaii and they sent him a letter telling him to stop impersonating a physician and referred me to their Consumer Protection Agency. The Hawaii attorney general also referred my complaint to their Consumer Protection Agency. They have been in touch with me to acknowledge the receipt of the complaint and they said they would investigate. It would be ashamed if he is allowed to continue to impersonate a physician and the local police did nothing about it until he causes someone to die. I paid via CC. I do have open disputes on my credit cards. He furnished one credit card company with a receipt that I don't have. I think he may be submitting false documents but when I asked AmEx if they could share it with me, they said no. I have run across so many people who have experienced similar situations involving this cosmetic company. It is frightening.
  2. Sorry I though I was answering your questions. My incident happened in Hawaii. This guy pulled a similar scam in Fort Lauderdale a few years back. I ran across the store in Ft Lauderdale by coincidence. This news story is how I found out his real name I do have some texts back and forth regarding him a a physician but not sure if it is enough.
  3. i was on vacation walking down street when a salesperson persuaded me to come into their store. Once in the store, I was greeted by a physician (dermatologist) with 18 years experience. He proceeded to see me an eye cream. My purchase qualified me for a free facial. I scheduled the facial for the next day. I went to the store and received the facial. It was actually more of a product demonstration but I didn't know that until it was over and he proceeded to try and sell me the creams and devices. His sales pitch was somewhat high pressure but I agreed to purchase the items ($10,638.74). Later that say, I broke out in a rash and reached out to the dermatologist. He came to my hotel to see the rash and asked me to return the store the following day so he could check on my rash. Once there, he proceeded to offer my other facials to help with the redness and swelling. I declined b/c I was afraid I might have another reaction and I was traveling back in a couple of days. I asked him to send my the safety profile of the creams/devices. I also told him that, based on the reaction, that he should not send the products I purchase and to please refund me. He said he would send and we could do a face time facial and if I had a reaction he would allow me to return the items. Once I received the items. I told him I as uncomfortable with that but he sent anyway. I never received any safety information from him. I hadn't heard from as promised so I decided to go online and try to find the safety information on my own. I came across a recently settled (2018) class action lawsuit against manufacturing company and the stores that sell the products for false claims, advertising, deceptive ,marketing, etc. Of course most of the products I purchased were listed in this lawsuit and he is affiliated with these companies. I texted him and told him that I was returning items, unopened and to please refund me. That got an immediate response from him. We do not offer refunds. He said the receipt has it on the bottom and he sent a picture of a receipt for the full amount listed above but I don't have s receipt for that amount. I have 3 receipts that total that amount sand none say "no refund" on the bottom. As things escalated via text, he finally, after 6 weeks, admitted that he is not a doctor and that "I must have heard what I wanted to hear". He never once disputed me referring to him as doctor and asking for treatment advice for rash. This prompted me to do more online research and I ran across a new story from a local "Action News Team" in Fort Lauderdale where a store owner sold >7,000 worth of creams to an elderly man with dementia ad refused to give a refund. I watched the video. The action news team went to the store to ask the store owner why he would sell these types of products to an elderly man w/ dementia and why he would issue a refund. When they entered the store and focused the camera on the store owner, I realized it was the same guy who impersonated a doctor and sold me similar products. Now I know that this guy is a con artist/thief. Of course, I feel foolish for falling for such a scam. I reported this to the Attorney General of the State of Hawaii and to the Registered Industries Complaint Board. Do you think I can file a police report against this guy for impersonating a doctor? It seems like this should be illegal. Also, even though this is being investigated by state agency, can I file a lawsuit against this person or am I wasting everyones time? I apologize for the length. This is a very condensed version.
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