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  1. I'm a therapist for a group (mental health) practice in Illinois as an independent contractor. I decided to focus on my own private practice and sent an email reflecting that on June 18th with my last day being August 15th. The independent contractor contract states 30 days notice to separate the agreement, unless fired, then it is 5 days notice. She's been insisting on a phone call to discuss referrals. It was originally considered for this Friday, but nothing set in stone. She emailed me to inquire, I responded I don't have any referral concerns to discuss at this time and declined the need to have a phone call. She emails me that if we don't talk that I am fired and have to turn in my keys by 5pm on Friday (2 days notice). There are some larger ethical conflicts/violations that the owner has done; however, they aren't applicable to this forum, so I won't mention them but is my reason to not want to discuss matters with the owner. No client wants to stay with the group practice, the original request for the phone call was to discuss referrals, I have no referrals, so I said I would circle back around when I have some. Additionally, how can one determine if one is breaking employment laws and misclassifying ICs when they should be employees.
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