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  1. (Sorry for typos, poor grammar and punctuation, typing on phone)Almost 10 years ago I was banned from a casino. I was much different person back then and since then there's been a lot of changes in my life that are for the good. About a year-and-a-half ago I went back to that casino and I got a player's card and everything was fine and apparently I was no longer band I have the card and earn quite a few points over a number of months. Then I believe somebody that was angry with me and vindictive went to them and complained and said that I wasn't supposed to be there or something because the next time I went there the machine told me to come to the Players Club where they said that I should be there. So I wasn't really clear on what was going on so I waited some time went by again and I went back and started playing there again jumping forward I want about a $1,500 jackpot 13 hundred some or something. Zelle pay said they weren't going to pay me because I was banned from there of course I was confused because it seems like I was banned and then I wasn't and then I was so you can see the obvious confusion at any rate they did not pay me and I'm wondering if it's something I should go to small claims court over. I can't find anything in the gaming laws that requires them to even pay somebody by the Tsum that's in there somewhere I'm in there and I'm putting my money in the machine that seems like they should pay me my winnings or go and figure out how much money I spent and give me back all the money I spent as well it would seem unfair for them to have it so that they can take my money from you and so long as you're taking the money keep taking it but soon as I win and wanted to get money back suddenly it's not okay anymore so I'm looking for a vice of whether it's worth taking them to small claims court or Superior Court or I would assume maybe a small claims thing. I have another question I'm going to put in another section about a medical issue at the emergency room which is not a small claims saying that's something I would need an attorney for thank you for any advice on comments in advance
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