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  1. First, they didn't know I knew her...as fsr as the hotel was concerned she was a total stranger.... So, yeah I told her that I was staying there. I tell people that I'm taking a trip and flying there. They can't go through airport security, board the plane and sit in my seat can they? No. In no way is telling someone what hotel you are staying at giving permission for anything. Such regulations are in place for a reason. I can't pick and choose which rule or regulation I want to adhere to. If I choose not to wear my seatbelt that's my choice but I get penalized for jeopardizing my own safety but someone else can without punishment??? Crazy!! I want to finish by saying I agree that contacting management is most likely the best course of action I can take. And the one thing I've taken from this is that I will always explicitly state who is authorized every time I book a room and you should too.. Lol. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone's perspective on this and I'd like to thank everyone for the great discussion.
  2. I agree her actions were unacceptable but identity theft and fraud they were not. She made no claims of falsehood & assumed no identity other than her own. She made no attempt/act of deliberate deception, concealment or perversion of truth. The fact remains that the hotel had no right or authorization to give who is essentially a complete stranger full access to my room without my knowledge/authorization whatsoever. You're saying that you would have no issue opening your hotel room to a complete stranger watching tv on the bed? The only thing that should be there is maybe a mint. (LoL) To me that is a SERIOUS endangerment to my safety caused SOLELY by the hotel. What if it were your daughter/sister/brother/mother? Think of all the horrible acts that stranger could inflict on them? You would be able to just "get over" that? The hotel showed no due diligence to prevent it. The fact they made no attempt to contact or inform me, I feel was gross negligence on their part. Again, I seek no monetary reparations or anything like that. I'm curious in knowing if there are and consequences set that the hotel should face so they don't just diminish the severity of it. Which will hopefully help prevent future occurrences that might end very badly. If there isn't anything that can be done, scary as it sounds, so be it. I do appreciate your input and welcome further rebuttal or discussion.
  3. I just stayed at a local Hotel/Casino Resort for the holiday weekend. I arrived around 10:30-11:00 pm , walked up to the counter, stated my name and that I had a reservation and would like to check in. To my astonishment the gentleman behind the counter replied "You have already checked in." "How?" I said, "I just got here". He asked "Is anyone else was on the account?" "No". "Authorized? "No!" "Associated with Credit Card used to book, wife, relative?" "No!" I replied. "Only me... Period." I could tell he was realizing someone really messed up. "How in the world is this even possible?" He did acknowledge that there was a definite mistake made but rather than owning up to their mistake he just tried to b.s. me stating well you might have checked in on Expedia site. I told him "No I didn't" (Since I didn't even get the room on Expedia) and then he told me that sometimes they will check in for you or something like that.... pretty much saying I'm an idiot and I'll believe any absurd explanation just as long as the blame didn't fall on them. He informed me that not only did she check in, they issued her AND 1 of her friends, 2 room keys, pool passes, full access to the room and the icing on the cake... added BOTH of them as authorized users to the account/room. I asked who it was and he told me her name. She was an acquaintance of mine. I told him i knew her but NEVER gave authorization. I told him I was deeply concerned with what had just happened and that I wanted to talk to her to find out. He asked if I wanted security to go up to the room, but obviously it was a little late to get security. He worked to remove them from the account/room, cancel the keys, and issue new ones to me. I went up to the room and she told me that Since I was going to be there for the weekend and I had mentioned that I wasn't going to be there until later that night, she wanted to go to the pool that day so she called the hotel the night before. The only information she gave them was that she was a friend of mine. The hotel never contacted me, never called, no voicemail... nothing. I know I wasn't injured but surely there must be some regulations in place to prevent this right? I can't see how that can be allowed to happen and I don't think I should let them just "sweep it under the rug" because the next time might not end like it did for me and if I can do something to possibly prevent it, it's my obligation as a human being to do it. p.s. My apologies if this is too long
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