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  1. Our home mailing address is in New Mexico but we spend most of our time in Cuernavaca, Mexico and Surfer's Paradise, Australia.
  2. Jurisdiction - CO and NM My wife has a son that lives with his Dad in CO. We live in NM. Child support has been paid to Children Youth and Families Department in NM. We paid off the amount that was told to us by the State of NM CYFD back in November when her son turned 18. Yesterday we got a letter from NM CYFD stating that we owe $ again and cannot figure out why (photo from my Mom). The link in this website's child support page shows that it ends at 18 or when they graduate from HS: https://family.findlaw.com/child-support/child-support-summaries-of-state-laws.html Someone just told me that CO changed their law to the age of 19 and doesn't end with graduation. Which is correct? We live outside the United States and my wife's case worker won't leave a voice mail with the information about her case nor can she get a direct dial # for the case worker (US 1-800 #s do not work from our country). She can call, leave a message for the case worker and wait for a call back is the only guidance she has been given. If the law has been changed about the age it is being paid until, can they make it retroactive or is the 18 year old limit grandfathered in? MORE INFO: The state of NM has been sending my wife account statements showing she owed $0 for the first 5 months of the year. Out of the blue she got the new one showing she was in arrears on child support and threatened to suspend her driver's license, etc. We travel back to the US every 6 months or so so getting information is often very difficult.
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