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  1. Thank you for all of the replies. The state is Illinois, my daughter entered the intersection on a green arrow that then went to all green so she was stopped in the intersection when the light was green. Once the light turned red she observed the other oncoming traffic slowing to a stop and proceed to complete her turn. The other driver ran through the red light. Police officer on scene ticketed the other driver (my daughter never received a ticket) and the police report has the police officer stating the same. There was also a separate witness statement taken at the scene that stated the other driver slowed while approaching the intersection when the light turned red and then suddenly accelerated to run the light. This is why I am not understanding how the other insurance company can possibly attribute any liability to my daughter.
  2. My daughter was recently involved in a traffic accident. While waiting to turn left at an intersection, the light turned yellow, then red. As she was already out into the intersection she went to complete her turn. A driver traveling in the opposite direction ran the red light that had just turned and hit her head on. The other driver was ticketed at the scene for failing to stop at the red light. There was also a witness that informed police on the scene that the other driver had ran the red light causing the accident. The other driver's insurance company is saying they are only assuming 70% liability, even after receiving the police report that stated that their insured had ran the red light. What recourse do we have in this situation?
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