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  1. Title Insurance: Purchased title insurance when I purchased waterfront condo 3 years ago, have been trying to sell for almost 4 months, seller disclosure asks if structure within prop.lines. ND has " caveat emptor" no laws in ND that requires any known defects have to be disclosed.ND is only one out of 5 states that have " cav I discovered property lines for my lot do not follow city or state set back rules. Property line on airel map from county website shows property line going through a portion of my 4 plex. CITY zoned assn.commercial even thou 4 plex's are not commerical. Commerical setbacks for sides of structure is 4' each side from prop.lines. - City zoning said they would grandfather but wouldnt put in writing, said I needed to hire surveyor to relocate points and reinstall prop.line pins since somebody removed boundary line pins and than it could be grandfathered. I hired survey crew, they discovered all 9 lots consisting of 1, 4 plex have all property pins removed by someone. They cant just locate my lots prop.pins, they need to start In the middle and set pin by pin.$500 to perform survey, should I have to pay for all (9) lots to get prop.line pins relocated and reinstalled? HOA board has refused to provide any assistance. Saying all 9 lots are part of 1 assocation and lots run together? -My title insurance states in exclusions that waterfront lots cant be sold title insurance? Why was I sold title insurance, what good does it do me?
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