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  1. I own my own truck. (semi) I was leased on to a mom and pap motor carrier in Minnesota. I had some problems with my checking account and my payment to the insurance company got denied. (bobtail insurance) I looked on line to see what exactly bobtail insurance is. Bobtail insurance is insurance that covers you when you drive your truck without a trailer. For one reason or another the company that I hauled for purchased the insurance. And I paid for it automatically through my checking account. After I got the notes that my policy got canceled my boss called me to remind me that the policy got canceled. (he got a cancellation notes also) I told him that I got on line and learned what bobtail insurance was. And that I decided not to buy bobtail insurance for my truck. Mainly because I vary seldom bobtail anywhere, except when going to the repair shop. We talked on the phone about 30 minutes, and not once did my boss encourage me or tell me that I needed to have this insurance on my truck. So I was confident that I made the right decision. Later that year (December) I tipped the truck over on a icy road. Latter I found out that I had no insurance on the truck. The Physical damage insurance portion of the coverage was tied to the bobtail insurance. I was not aware of this. If I was, I would have surly purchased the physical damage coverage portion of the insurance for my truck. I'm thinking of suing my former boss for the damage on my truck. Of course the towing company is thinking about suing me. Anyone have any ideas on what I should do.
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