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  1. Sorry guys, I thought that this was a serious board with serious answers. Cheers.
  2. Hello, Former employee of a hotel, I had to manage a situation with a dissatisfied customer who later posted a comment about the hotel on Tripadvisor.com, quoting me (first and last names) as sole responsible for the hotel final decision and describing me as a crook for doing so. The management of the hotel contacted tripadvisor who at the time refused to withdraw this comment. I then contacted tripadvisor in turn, asking them to remove my names and first names from the comment, showing them that a Google search on my name / name led this review, with my name + crook title in the list of pages to visit (I did not ask them to delete the review but just delete my name). Tripadvisor again refused, and asked me to contact the hotel (which I left already) to ask them (hotel) to log a request by themselves (which I do not intend to do). Does this situation seem normal and acceptable to you? If not, what argument, principle or text of law could I use to push them to withdraw my first and last names? Thank you for your answers
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