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  1. Did not give landlord notice and she is not demanding money on my part. She just wants him to get his stuff off the property or at least relinquish the property to her. Its a 3 day quit notice so if I pay then I keep responsibility of the property. I know I'm asking the right questions. What wording in an addendum makes it legal for only one party to sign a two party lease? The original lease does not allow addendums, only renewals that require both our signatures. I do appreciate you responding but I really need detail advice. Do you know what I need to look for? What makes the addendums legally binding to me?
  2. I did not sign the two addendums. The Landlord confirmed that she only has his signature on the addendums. The original lease stated that the validity is only for a year and a lease renewal would need to be signed or the rental would convert to month to month. The ex-boyfriend is the one who stated that he signed lease renewals only in his name. I did not have the Landlord's phone number up until I moved out because I finally figured out what name the ex-boyfriend saved the number under. The original number I had was changed and the Landlord only gave the ex-boyfriend the new number. There was no other way to contact the Landlord since all rent payments were directly deposited into a bank account. The only way to legally "force" the ex-boyfriend is by entering into an eviction process myself against him but that would show the courts that I am taking financial responsibility for the lease agreement that I didn't sign. Police officers cannot make him leave the property since this is a civil matter. What kind of wording in the addendum would allow only one signature when it is two individuals on the lease? We both had to sign the original lease to accept financial responsibility. That lease was only good for one year. If I didn't sign any more but he signed addendums, doesn't that make him solely responsible with me being his tenant?
  3. Ex-boyfriend and I signed a one-year lease together in November 2016 in Olive Branch, MS. The ex-boyfriend signed lease extension addendums in 2017 and 2018. I was told the lease renewals were in the ex-boyfriend's name only and the house was his responsibility. I even had to complete a Residency Affidavit for my son's school due to there not being a current signed lease in my name. The original lease stated it was only good for one year and that a renewal would be required. Due to the increasing toxicity of our living situation, I gave the ex-boyfriend more than a month's notice of moving out verbally and gave him $600 the day we moved out to cover credits that were on our utilities. The ex-boyfriend decided not to pay the rent in the house we shared and the landlord sent a 3 day quit notice on the 25th with both our names. Am I legally responsible for the property if I never signed another lease with the owner? If I am, how come I cannot force the ex-boyfriend to clear the property so that it can be surrendered to the owner? I need advice please!
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