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  1. Can a company deny you the right to later teach what you learned from buying and participating in their program? I signed up for a self-development program--partly an in-person retreat + partly online. They're asking me to sign an agreement that includes this: "By signing below, you agree not to teach anything you have learned through our programs, videos, events and content without express written consent by company." Then it goes on to say how they can come after you if you violate any of this. I've never been asked to sign something like this for a self-help program, much less anything so aggressive. It's like signing this for a Tony Robbins program. I'm buying the course for personal use, but as a coach I do pick up things from everything in my life, personal, n professional studies, that I cull from to shape n share w my clients as I see fit, n I create original content and programs drawn from various things I've learned and believe. While there may be new things I will learn, I study many things that may overlap w this content, n also find that I already innately know a lot that is often sold as new info. I'm aware that materials and systems can be copyrighted, but thought ideas couldn't be. In yoga, for instance, poses and sequences can't be owned. So can a company prevent you from later teaching ideas/concepts they shared? And can they deny me access to the programs on the basis of my refusal to sign off on this clause?
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