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  1. Iam wanting to make a lawsuit against Walmart. For locking up all the female products. For public humiliation. For making women feel uncomfortable to go to the store and buy the items that we women would like to not advertise and keep discreet. And for having someone walk you to the front of the store with the famine products that you want to purchase and placed on the counter in front of everyone. Products such as female private area washes, douches, powders. Female pregnancy test, private area infection test and medicines. Everything a female needs for herself at times is now locked behind a glass and we have to wait for someone to come and open the door, and we have to say in front of everyone what female products we are wanting to purchase and we have to be walked to the front of the store and have to advertise in front of other strangers what female products we are buying for ourselves. Since this as become I have not wanted to go buy what I need at the store because it is humiliating. And no longer private. Especially when a guy worker comes to open the door.
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