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  1. I guess that should’ve been the question: Can this divorce happen in SC while I’m pregnant if all parties involved agree who the father is? Or since I’m married and paternity is assumed in SC to be the husband (even though that’s definitely not the case here and we ALL know this). I don’t “think” any of us would take issue w/that being presented if it mattered any!?
  2. I am not asking for anything (alimony, child support, assets, etc.) NOTHING!! I just want the divorce and equal access to Our 13 y/o child together! He currently resides w/his Mother and Me w/my terminally ill Father bc I am an only child and his personal caregiver! Neither my husband or I have an income, currently. I am unable to work an outside job bc my father requires 24/7 care. My husband is and has been unemployed for 10+ years bc of psychological issues but has been unsuccessful at obtaining disability! So right now my Father helps me out by paying for my portion of the cost of care for my child as well as my minimal living expenses. And his Mother presently does the same thing for him. The bio-father of the baby I’m expecting with him will fully support this child until I can seek employment to be able to pay my 1/2 of the support for Our Baby! This is certainly not something that I am proud of and the fact hat I am 45 y/o (YES-u read that right), I def should’ve known better but we all make mistakes and this baby is far from a mistake!! AN ACCIDENT but a blessing!! Bc it certainly was not planned and the odds of this occurring naturally are astronomical! My Mama died last year and I’ve been lost. I believe she is sending me this Baby to give my life direction since she’s no longer here w/me physically. I just want to move on w/divorce and proceed w/being Mommy to my new “Baby” and my “teenager!!” I would love to have all of this tied up and finished b4 the birth if that would even be possible? Maybe if my husband signed an affidavit acknowledging he’s not the father?? I know I just need to obtain Counsel but as I mentioned money is extremely tight and limited also!! Please pray 4 me if ur a Christian bc I need that more than anything!! Thank you for any and all advice!
  3. I have been married for 20 years but I have been living separately from my husband for about 1 1/2 years. I recently found out that I am pregnant by another man and would like to proceed with a divorce ASAP! What do I need to do besides retain an attorney? My current husband and I do have 1 child together and I don’t feel like custody will be an issue on either side bc she is 13 y/o and we presently share custody and expenses w/o any sort of formal agreement and there are currently NO problems or issues. I don’t want my husband to be responsible for this child that I am pregnant with in any way but from what research I’ve done, in SC this child is basically considered his until proven otherwise! What do I need to do 1st to get the ball rolling bc this pregnancy will soon become obvious to all involved!
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